November 9, 2019

Lee Newman
Lee Newman is our speaker this month. Lee Newman, of Vancouver, Canada, has been keeping freshwater fish for over 45 years, mostly keeping, and working with, Neotropical cichlids. He spent about 20 of those years studying the ecology and husbandry of Satanoperca - the genus of cichlids that includes the popular hobby 'jurupari'. He has also collected cichlids in Peru, Brazil and Suriname.

Since earning his full cave diver certification in 2010, he has been a little distracted by the fishes and ecology of the cenotes and cave systems of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. (Cenotes
are small bodies of water that are the result of ancient sink-holes.)

Currently the Curator of Fishes with the Vancouver Aquarium, Lee is also an award-winning photographer and writer. He has contributed to many publications with sixty articles published over five languages.
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